UCS-7A Puck Lock


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PACLOCK's UCS-7A Puck Lock.  Buy American Act Compliant, High Security 6-Pin Cylinder, Blue Anodized Aluminum Puck Lock or Steel Puck Lock, Hidden Shackle, Each Lock comes w/ 2 Keys (Formally PACLOCK 2173 Series Padlock) *HASP OPTIONS BELOW*


Use the same key to open all your locks.

1. START WITH YOUR APPLICATION - From job boxes to trailer door handles, our locks are built for every unique application. PACLOCK's dedication to innovative locking solutions creates new ways to secure valuables than the outdated shackled padlock design.

2. CHOOSE YOUR KEY NUMBER - Easily get all your PACLOCKs to open with the same key. Simply select the "Keyed Alike (U-Pick!)" option, click "Customize Now", and type in a key number. U-Pick! your own key number and never worry about your neighbor having that same key number!

3. GET MORE LOCKS KEYED ALIKE - Any time you purchase a lock, enter in the same key number to have all your locks keyed alike. That way, you can use the same key to open up all your locks!

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