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Color: Black
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American Lock S1107

The American Lock No. S1107 Aluminum Padlock features a 1-1/2in (38mm) wide colored anodized aluminum body with a 3in (75mm) tall, 1/4in (6mm) diameter chrome plated, boron alloy shackle for superior cut resistance. The anodized finish makes padlock suitable for lockout in food processing facilities and corrosion resistant finish ideal for tough environments. Designed specifically for lockout/tagout applications, padlock features high security, reserved for safety cylinder with key retaining feature to ensure padlock is not left unlocked.

Model # S1107
Body Width 1-1/2in (38mm)
Shackle Length 3in (76mm)
Shackle Width 25/32in (20mm)
Shackle Diameter 1/4in (6mm)
Key Options

Keyed Different, Keyed Alike (KA), Master Keyed (MK), Keyed Alike Master Keyed (KAMK)

Click HERE for additional key information.

Color Options

Black - S1107BLK, S1107KABLK, S1107MKBLK, S1107KAMKBLK

Blue - S1107BLU, S1107KABLU, S1107MKBLU, S1107KAMKBLU

Brown - S1107BRN, S1107KABRN, S1107MKBRN, S1107KAMKBRN

Green - S1107GRN, S1107KAGRN, S1107MKGRN, S1107KAMKGRN

Orange - S1107ORJ, S1107KAORJ, S1107MKORJ, S1107KAMKORJ

Purple - S1107PRP, S1107KAPRP, S1107MKPRP, S1107KAMKPRP

Red - S1107RED, S1107KARED, S1107MKRED, S1107KAMKRED

Silver - S1107CLR, S1107KACLR, S1107MKCLR, S1107KAMKCLR

Yellow - S1107YLW, S1107KAYLW, S1107MKYLW, S1107KAMKYLW


For business and severe use

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