ABUSSKU: 41/50HB125 KA

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ABUS 41/50HB125 Laminated Steel


  • Laminated steel with ETERNA™ coating on each laminate for extreme corrosion resistance
  • Laminates individually treated for top corrosion protection
  • Rivets concentrated in the outer laminates to protect the rivet heads from being chipped off
  • Hardened shackle, double bolted, as of 1 37⁄64" made from special alloy
  • Precision pin tumbler cylinder
  • Self-locking: Locking without key by pushing down the shackle
  • Made in Germany
Level: 7
Depth e: 1 9/64 inch
Finish: blue
Height f: 6 27/32 inch
Horizontal clearance b: 29/32 inch
Key Blank: 12874
Locking: keyed different
No. of keys supplied: two keys included
Packaging: individual box
Shackle diameter d: 23/64 inch
Vertical clearance c: 4 59/64 inch
Weight [lbs]: 0.99 lbs
Width a: 2 3/32 inch


Laminated Steel Safety Padlocks

Our laminated steel safety padlocks are suitable for both safety and security purposes. They are made in Germany and their high-quality recycled steel laminates are individually coated with a non-hazardous cadmium-free plating, giving the lock an extremely good level of rust resistance. Colored vinyl bumpers are available for easy identification and compliance with OSHA regulations. The perfect safety lock for use in harsh conditions and for added security.

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