140/120 HASP

ABUSSKU: 140/120 C 4 3/4" HASP

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ABUS 140/120 Hasp


The security value of the hasp should always match that of the respective padlock, because the two security products hasp and padlock form a symbiotic unit in which the weakest link becomes extremely relevant to security.

ABUS offers a wide range of security hasps on the different security levels. You can recognize these hasps by concealed screws, for example. In addition, hardened steel staples for holding the padlock shackle are enclosed inside the hasp and thus provide optimum protection against break-in attempts. Together with the appropriate padlock, the hasp will ensure the highest level of security for securing the door and gate. The strong ABUS 140/120 Diskus hasp is designed for flush doors, meaning the door panel and the door frame are on the same level. The design matches the original ABUS Diskus® padlocks so that the shackle is shielded from unlocking tools.


  • Hasp and hinge pins made of stainless steel
  • Tough construction
  • Hinge pins protected against attack
  • Hardened staple
  • Ideal in combination with Diskus® padlocks
  • Hidden screws

Operation and use:

  • To secure valuables/goods of greater value or at a high risk of theft
  • Diskus® padlock und hasp for high protection and extreme corrosion resistance
  • To be used with a padlock, ideally a Diskus® padlock (60mm – 80mm)
  • Diskus 26, 25, 24RK, 24IB or 20
Level: 8
Finish: stainless steel
Hole Diameter c: 31/64 inch
Packaging: shelf box
Weight [lbs]: 0.78 lbs
Width a: 4 23/32 inch
Width b: 2 13/64 inch


110/195 Hasp

Security hasps keep your doors closed

The security rating of a hasp should always match the padlock. High-security hasps distinguish themselves by different characteristics, for example concealed screws. Hardened steel loops for the padlock's shackle should be concealed inside the hasp by which they provide extra protection against attempts to break the lock open.

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