The Most Common Types Of Locks - 1st-in-Padlocks

"Lock" is a commonly used word, but it doesn't fully represent the wide variety of security mechanisms in the lock world. This family of security devices has a long history. Modern locks come in a variety of types to meet different security needs, from simple ones for homes to advanced ones for safes and commercial spaces. The world of locks is diverse and extensive.

The Ubiquitous Padlocks

Likely the first mental image you get when you hear the word "lock" is the classic padlock. A padlock is a small, portable lock that comes in different sizes and strengths. It is commonly used to secure chains, gates, or storage units.

Deadbolts: A Step Above

Deadbolts provide better security for doors, especially residential entry doors, compared to padlocks. They offer increased protection and are more reliable. Deadbolts work by driving a thick metal rod into the door frame. This creates a strong physical barrier that reinforces the security of the door.

Knob Locks: Beauty With Function

Knob locks are commonly used with deadbolts on interior doors. They are one of the most common types of door locks. These locks look nice, but don't use them on outside doors.

Lever Handle Locks: Convenience Coupled With Security

Lever handle locks, like knob locks, have a big handle that you push down instead of a knob to make them easier to use. Commercial buildings often use these locks because they adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Digital Locks: The Future of Security

Digital locks are becoming very popular because they offer both convenience and security benefits. The world of digital locks keeps evolving, from keyless entry systems to smart locks controlled with a phone app.